Not a whole lot to say about comics at the moment, but we are doing something tangentially related if you’re interested. On Fridays, I have been doing an art stream which has resulted in new pieces going to Patreon at long last. I mentioned it back in April. You may also have noticed a new TikTok and Twitter/X embed on the site. This was incorporated to better keep everyone informed of new content I am producing since the comics are on indefinite hiatus until I can sort my finances. However, if you join the Patreon, you can help us speed that process along. It’s not required, but it would help immensely. At any rate, I’m posting my new Vtuber avatars, videos, and text commentary updates on TikTok and I’m still using “X” until Elon finally flushes that shit down the toilet. Those are the two main places. And if Patreon is not your scene, please consider following the TikTok so I can get to 1000 followers and start doing live events. They will be simulcast with my vtubing events on Twitch, which I will also be linking here before too long. Here’s a temporary link to that.

There will be a tie-in comic called “Pink Panties Paradise” tied to that which will be a Patreon early access item which will be put on the site later. Just trying to get some dynamic content that will allow me to resume this stuff. I wish I had time to do it all myself, but with work and bills… I sadly don’t see that happening. :/