So, this is the last time I will put such a thing up, because it is asking for trouble. But basically, head over to my home site and contribute to the cause. Would you like to be able to see the members area, but only have Visa? Well, you can help us get that for you. but, we need to be Visa Certified, and that won’t happen without lotta money. We need roughly $1400 to make it through the trials and become a legitimate merchant. I can’t GIVE you anything for your money under the guidelines of PayPal, which started this whole thing in the first place. But what I CAN give you is a “free” subscription for a year if you give us $60 or more toward our goal. Other than what you can see in the Members area, there is no special gift and no adult materials that I will be specifically handing over to you. 100% of the proceeds go to our verification process, and any chump change left over will go toward maybe hiring me a few more contributors. So it is 100% investment in the future of my online business, not just Ship in a Bottle. Then again, as far as fringe benefits go, that’s not too shabby. 😉 Go to the link above and see the widget in the sidebar. It’s blue and mentions Visa.