It’s become abundantly clear to me that I need more “bridging” in the story before I launch the “Final” chapter of “Season 1” of “Ship in a Bottle”. And big changes are on the way! First, I’d like to welcome our new penciler, Krius-ol! I found him through Midnight’s “Danger Zone One” comic (Danger Zone One Webcomic) as I have a couple others, and I’m feeling pretty good about where this is going to go. I did inks and colors (with some minor corrections), and I’ll be sharing the Clara piece without all the distractions from the background on Patreon. But I felt it fitting (given the nature of the story I have planned) to include a little bit of art from all of the artists who made this version of “Ship in a Bottle” work as well as foreshadow some things that may not yet be obvious to all. but they shall be revealed in good time.

I also realize it’s been a good long while since this updated. I cannot emphasize this strongly enough: without support on Patreon, our comics are dead in the water. I’m working on what I can when I am able, but it’s not a lot. If we can get it to $1000/month, I may be able to certify updates and take some time to work up some bonuses and other materials to make it worthwhile. Obviously, we don’t want to stop there, but it’s a “goal”. and I do not expect any one person to carry the load. That defeats the nature of patronage on Patreon, which is meant to be about community. so, spread the word: the finest chapters of this series and Peppermint Saga have yet to be written, and we need your help to get there. But, I also want to thank our existing Patrons. Without you, we wouldn’t have gotten here at all.

Special thanks to UncolaMan for saving the day and helping me acquire my new XP-Pen Tablet Monitor. I’m hoping to be able to make more pieces like this in the future.