Emphasis on Zero! BWAHAHAHAHA–! *cough*

Ahhhh, the fn and games continue with a little additional “creative misinterpretation”. Be warned, folks! Be sure you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT in the phrasing of your wishes, or the results MAY VARY!

On a more positive note: proof positive that we haven’t forgotten y’all out there. BUT! I’ve been crazy busy trying to re-launch two of my other series as well as being dragged all over town for various reasons. Additionally, I am holding out for one more page to get a backlog because we are OUT of script! We can’t let that happen.

anyway, this piece was assisted by “Verias” a.k.a. Keith W., artist of one of my OTHER other comics: “The Lavenders”. You should go look. It’s good stuff. Official Act I of “A First Kiss” begins on Tuesday. GO GO GO!!!