Thus, “Project: Wacko” 2.0 finally comes to a close, and I tell you what: it could not have come this swiftly without the help of our Patrons! Admittedly, I’ve been absolutely terrible about fulfilling the rewards. The only thing I can say with relative comfort is that we delivered the comic relatively on-time, and that’s no small feat. Our first go-round was plagued with far more problems because of the times and frankly, because I wasn’t so confident. I let things slide I shouldn’t have. That’s all past now, and looking forward, I have no regrets. This is as it should be now, and we have one HELL of a roller coaster planned for the coming chapters.

Speaking of, new “feature” of the series: every 2 chapters, there will be an “intermission” chapter like the one coming up. “Time to Get Dirty” is a nod to our former artist, Tira-chan. She thought it might be fun if Ship and Alan got into some antics involving cleaning and magic. Since Prettío came along, we added to that mythos by doing a sequel. Since the reboot, I thought it high time to revisit this concept and give it a fresh and pants-explodingly porn-o-riffic update. This is even more noteworthy because since Prettío’s ORIGINAL outing with it in 2011 (Christ, has it been FIVE YEARS?!), she’s made HUGE strides as an artist and is even BOLDER in her approach. And trust me, kids. She’s going to need all of her newly acquired skills because Beatrice is a health and fitness nut in this universe, with a penchant for sexual acrobatics. Alan (and our readers…) will be lucky if he doesn’t rupture a nut in “Time to get DIRTY”.

Cover goes up Friday.

Last, but FINALLY not LEAST: please, please consider joining the Patreon. I will most likely be abandoning the $25 and up tiers because I personally can’t deliver on them. Not to say we don’t want “big ticket” patrons, but a ton of small-tier patrons can be equally valuable. What NEEDS to happen is we NEED to get back over that Goddamn $400 tier and fast. When the 17 pages of “Time to Get Dirty” are done, we have an EIGHTY PAGE MARATHON straight through to “The Genie Handbook 2.0”, starting with Episode 3: “Hot For Teacher”. This will be (Nel, I’m pulling for ya!) Clara Bottle’s re-introduction to the series, and let me tell you what: she is going to get fucked STUPID by our two main studs. Here’s the gist:

After an incident at the fitness club, and following the events of “Project: Wacko”, Beatrice sends her two favorite male chew toys to “charm school”. Alan and Bear will be forced to team up to learn some goddamn poise and etiquette, or DIE trying! At the head of the class, Clara Bottle: magical woman of mystery. What starts out as a primer in Emily Post quickly turns into a case of dirty debutante debauchery when our man Alan discovers that humans are an irresistible aphrodisiac for half-genies and he and Bear tag-team-tilt-o-whirl our witchy-witch in an alliterative sexual attack that will have people talking for ages to cum. It’s all hands on dicks when our boys find out just how far they will have to go to prove they are “Hot For Teacher”.

We’ll see you there.


P.S. RandomAnon: That episode synopsis was just for you, buddy 😉