Ok, so… back to these characters that we were briefly introduced to in Chapter 2! The stage is being set for the final curtain, and we have two more FULL chapters before the end, but before that can go down, I split chapter 4 into 2 parts because a) it was getting long and b) the two parts really didn’t FEEL all that related. SO! Here you go. Now, for some of you big fans of the “Original Series” (no, not Star Trek, sillies. That’s a joke for chapter 6…), this will be a treat. Because I am keeping some of Glance Reviver (Rose Slayer X, Thorn Prince, Guardians of Gezuria) and TeaGreen’s (Lovemagic, Date With a Tentacle Monster, and some various work over at Sexyverse Comics) original pages. However, keep in mind that I am going to end up doing some modifications to some of it. Color changes, clean up the artwork, etc. I will probably be doing that “corrective” work along with Oshi’s new BONUS pages in the coming weeks. This cover is actually an example of that “cleanup” effort. this is Glance’s original cover for Chapter 4, but I removed all the Chibis (trust me, it is NOT simply a “crop”) and cleaned up some of the lines and colors that displeased me in the original. Plus, I think there was a fundamental misunderstanding of something that happened in the script that came off ooky in the original version. It will make more sense as the episode progresses, as well as having an explicit retcon of this “misunderstanding” in Chapter 6.


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