And we’re back on schedule, I think. Nat kicked out this page with all due alacrity and we thank her for it. I was planning on busting out pages 9 and 10 myself to set a particular mood, but then between computer problems and then getting violently ill last Friday and Saturday, there was no hope for me to get back in the swing. I’ve had this sort of tension tightness in my stomach for over a week now. not that everything isn’t sunshine and puppy dogs over here, folks. Just apologies for leaving you seemingly in the lurch like that.

I have some fun stuff coming up in the donator bonus comic, and keep in mind that the month started anew, so Nat will have a new bonus drawing very soon as well as the reward for making goal last month. Now, me personally? I’d want to make it every month. but I know that things are tight, financially, all over. But the extra work is worth it to me, folks. the only reason you haven’t seen it yet is because I am not going to present it piecemeal. You’ll get the whole shooting match when I’m finished with it, hopefully VERY soon. Because it looks like I’ll be getting into another small project. Bozhe moy, eh?!

As for this comic, looks like Alan just pulled an Ataru and is about to get curb-stomped. Oh, dear… how could he have so severely misread the situation???

Stay tuned!